Ep. 2 : Isabel R. & her Perfect Form

“A big stash makes a beautiful quilt”

Who is this for?
I made this quilt from the pattern “Perfect Form”, for my sewing room. Now I borrowed it to Astrid, to display it in the shop “Cotton&Color” in Riehen. Come and take a look!

The best part of making it?
After cutting out many flowers, I could play around until I found the perfect setting. I enjoyed it so much! When I was machine quilting, I created different vertical wavy lines: this was really relaxing! 

How long did it take?
My quilting friend Marisol from Spain came to visit. We planned this project together. It took me 3 weeks to finish it.

What kind of fabrics did you use?
I mainly used colored fabrics from Kaffe Fassett and Amy Butler. The background consists of Brigitte Heitland and Lecien fabrics.


Perfect Form by Laura Heine
Asian Circles – Kaffe Fassett
blumen 3
Hapi – Amy Butler
blumen 1
Hapi – Amy Butler
Modern Background Paper – Brigitte Heitland
background 2
L’s Modern Basics – Lecien

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