Ep. 22: Sofka’s Helvetia (EN)

What kind of quilt would you like to share with us?
A wall quilt in the mixture of Paper Piecing, application and normal patchwork technique.

For whom and why did you make this quilt?
I had made it for a Bernina contest with the theme ‘Red & White’.
I had immediately think about a Swiss theme, because the colors fit as well as Bernina is a Swiss company. So I chose Helvetia, as it is pictured on the back of the second franc piece.


When did you start and how long did it take to complete?
I had started in February 2016 and finished the wallquilt by the end of August 2016. It was a challenge for me and I wanted to quit a few times. But I persevered 🙂 Some parts I sewed by hand, because I did not know how to do it better with the PP method and I had never made something that way before.


What do you like most about this quilt?
The idea and the motive. That I finished it and did not give up.
Today my Helvetia hangs in the hallway and I delight myself every day when I see her. Even if the quilt is not perfect, I learned a lot from making it.

What kind of materials did you use?
For this I used the fabrics of Robert Kaufman. Kona Cotton Rich Red and Kona Cotton White.


How long have you been quilting and who or what has moved you to start?
I made a baby quilt 5 years ago as a gift. I was immediately addicted and wanted to learn more about patchwork and quilting.

What experience in your time as a quilter has touched you the most?
The many beautiful fabrics and all that you can make of them.
It’s always a new experience to try things our. The quilting in general is very diverse and fascinating. You always find new ideas.

Do you have a good advice for beginners?
Never give up, work properly and use high quality materials.

Do you have a blog, a website, Instagram or Pinterest about patchwork / quilting?
Yes I have a blog, but I’m not the most diligent blogger: solva-kreativ.ch
I’m also on Instagram and Facebook.


Row by Row Experience 2017

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Patchwork Ă  Ferrette (25. May – 5. June 2017)

The patchwork expositions in Ferrette belong to the nicest shows in Europe. The next issue takes place from 25. May – 5. June. We are looking forward to it!

Die Patchwork-Ausstellungen in Ferrette gehören zu den schönsten Shows in Europa. Die folgende Ausgabe findet vom 25. Mai bis 5. Juni statt. Wir freuen uns darauf!

Les expositions de patchwork Ă  Ferrette appartiennent aux plus beaux spectacles d’Europe. L’arrivĂ©e aura lieu du 25 mai 2017-5 Juin, 2017. Nous attendons avec impatience!

Ep. 21: Martina’s House Patchwork

What kind of quilt would you like to share with us?
A wall hanging. I did it for my family and myself. I was inspired by the book “HĂ€user-Patchwork” by Bernadette Mayr.

When did you start and how long did it take to complete?
I started in February 2015 and finished quilting (by hand) in the end of December 2016. I started with all the windows and continued with the red of the houses. Then there was a long pause, because I was not sure how to do the blue background should look and whether I should still make a green lawn in front of the houses.

What do you like most about this quilt?
Everything! The houses, the pines, the color of the sky. I would’t change anything about it.

What kind of materials did you use?
Blue, red and green fabrics, slightly patterned. Black and white uni fabrics. Some rests from other projects, as well as new ones from Cotton & Color.

How long have you been patchwork and who or what moved you to start?
Since 2003. As a child and adolescent I always did a lot of sewing, knitting and crochet. With the sewing of quilts, I can be very creatively and play with the colors, there are so many beautiful fabrics. I have more and more ideas than time to implement them!

What experience in your time as a quilter has touched you the most?
I have the best ideas when I’m on the road and see something, usually some color combination. That is why a little notebook is my constant companion.

Do you have a good advice for beginners?
If you are not 100% convinced by an idea, it is worth taking a break, even if it takes several weeks or months.

Do you have a blog, a website, Instagram or Pinterest about patchwork / quilting?

Books by Bernadette Mayr on the Cotton & Color webshop

Ep. 20: Hexagon Patchwork by Claude

What kind of patchwork do you want to share with us?
English paper piecing with snowman hexagons.

For whom and why did you make this quilt?
For me as the centerpiece of my table.


When did you start and how long did it take you to finish?
I started in 2014 and quilted until 2015.

What detail do you prefer in this patchwork?
I like the gradient and softness of the colors.

What fabrics have you used?
As far as I remember it was the “Snowman Collection 2014” by Moda.


How long have you been into patchwork?
Occasionally since 2004, full time since I became unemployed in 2013.

Which experience during your time as a quilter moved you the most?
I really love free machine quilting as well as the fast and modern methods.

Any tips you want to give to beginners?
Try new things because without risk there is no reward! Hang on to a good club, visit blogs or watch tutorials to learn new techniques.

Do you have a website about Patchwork?
Yes, Cesclo2 Patchwork et Tissus.

‘English Paper Piecing II’ by Vicki Bellino on our webshop
‘New English Paper Piecing’ by Sue Daley on our webshop
‘Handfuls of Scraps’ by Edyta Sitar on our webshop

Ep. 19: Chantale’s hommage to Modigliani

What kind of quilt would you like to share with us?
The portrait of a woman with a child’s blanket.

Why and for whom did you make this quilt?
I made this quilt for a competition last year. The motto was “How would it look if your favorite artist had made patchwork?” My favorite artist is Modigliani.

When did you start and how long did it take to complete?
The sketch went relatively fast, the realization has taken more than 3 months.

What do you like most about this quilt?
I really like everything about it. If I had to sew the quilt again, I would align the background material in the vertical rather than the horizontal so that it reminds more of a fence.

What kind of materials did you use?
First of all cotton fabrics and relaxed linen to convey the impression of a real canvas as well as possible.

How long have you been patchwork?
Since 1984, that is 32 years.

What experience in time has touched you the most?
Mediating my passion for sewing to my students.

Do you have a good advice for beginners?
Use color palettes as inspiration and let your imagination flow!

Do you have a blog, Instagram or Pinterest?
Yes, I’m on Instagram.

Ep. 19: Chantale’s Hommage an Modigliani

Welche Art von Quilt möchtest du mit uns teilen?
Das Portrait einer Frau mit Kinderdecke.

Warum und fĂŒr wen hast du diesen Quilt gemacht?
Ich habe diesen Quilt letztes Jahr fĂŒr einen Wettbewerb gemacht. Das Motto war “Wie wĂŒrde es aussehen, wenn Ihr LieblingskĂŒnstler Patchwork gemacht hĂ€tte”. Mein Lieblingsmaler ist Modigliani.

Wann hast du damit angefangen und wie lange hat es zur Vollendung gedauert?
Die Skizze ging relative schnell, die Realisierung hat sich ĂŒber 3 Monate hin gezogen.

Was gefÀllt dir am besten an diesem Quilt?
Ich mag eigentlich alles daran. MĂŒsste ich den Quilt allerdings noch einmal nĂ€hen, wĂŒrde ich den Hintergrundstoff in der Vertikalen statt in der Horizontalen ausrichten, sodass es mehr an einen Zaun erinnert.

Welche Stoffe hast du dafĂŒr verwendet?
Vor allem Stoffe aus Baumwolle und entspanntes Leinen, um den Eindruck einer echten Leinwand so gut wie möglich zu vermitteln.

Wie lange machst du schon Patchwork?
Seit 1984, also seit 32 Jahren.

Welche Erfahrung in der Zeit hat dich am meisten berĂŒhrt?
Die Vermittlung meiner Leidenschaft fĂŒr das NĂ€hen an meine SchĂŒler.

Hast du einen guten Ratschlag fĂŒr AnfĂ€nger?
Nutzen Sie Farbpaletten als Inspiration und lassen dann Ihrer Fantasie freien Lauf!

Hast du einen Blog, Instagram oder Pinterest?
Ja, ich bin auf Instagram.