Ep. 2 : Isabel R. & her Perfect Form

“A big stash makes a beautiful quilt”

Who is this for?
I made this quilt from the pattern “Perfect Form”, for my sewing room. Now I borrowed it to Astrid, to display it in the shop “Cotton&Color” in Riehen. Come and take a look!

The best part of making it?
After cutting out many flowers, I could play around until I found the perfect setting. I enjoyed it so much! When I was machine quilting, I created different vertical wavy lines: this was really relaxing! 

How long did it take?
My quilting friend Marisol from Spain came to visit. We planned this project together. It took me 3 weeks to finish it.

What kind of fabrics did you use?
I mainly used colored fabrics from Kaffe Fassett and Amy Butler. The background consists of Brigitte Heitland and Lecien fabrics.


Perfect Form by Laura Heine
Asian Circles – Kaffe Fassett
blumen 3
Hapi – Amy Butler
blumen 1
Hapi – Amy Butler
Modern Background Paper – Brigitte Heitland
background 2
L’s Modern Basics – Lecien

Easy and quick cat’s bed project!

Materials needed:

  • 0.4 m (= 16”) fabric A for inner side (well visible)
  • 0.4 m (= 16”) fabric B for outer side (will be partly hidden when sides are rolled up)
  • 0.45 m (= 0.5 yd) fabric C for “mattress”
  • Small package of polyester batting (min  60’’ x 60’’ =. 1.5 x 1.5 m)
Fabric A
red dots
Fabric B
Fabric C

Cutting (includes seam allowances):

fabric A: 2 pcs 0.2 m (8’’) x fabric width

fabric B: 2 pcs 0.2 m (8’’) x fabric width

fabric C: 2 pcs 0.45 x 0.53 m (1/2 yd x 21’’)

Place the 2 large fabric C pieces right side together. Cut them round at the corners (see image below).

We used a small plate with the diameter of 16 cm (= 6.3’’) as a template for the curve.


Sewing the mattress:

Place the fabric pieces C on 3 layers of batting. The batting should be slightly larger than the fabric. Stitch around the edge with 0.75 cm (a little bit more than ¼‘‘) seam allowance, but leave an 5‘‘ opening on one side. Cut back the batting. Clip several times into the seam allowances on the rounded corners.

Turn the mattress inside out. Iron the edges with steam and fold the seam allowance at the opening to the inside. Close the opening with a narrow seam

Measure the outer edge of your mattress (I measured about 172 cm = 67.5”)

Sewing the sides of the bed:

Sew together the 2 strips from fabric A to crate a very long piece for the cat bed sides.

Repeat with fabric B.

Place the long strip of fabric A and the long strip of fabric B right sides together. Cut them to the measured perimeter of your mattress plus 2 times the seam allowance.

In my case this is 172 cm +2 x 0.75 cm = 174.5 cm,
or 67.5” + 2 x 1/4” = 68”

Place the strips onto 2 layers of batting.

Sew the 2 fabric strips lengthwise together on one side only.


Open up (see picture above) and iron the seam.

Lay the fabrics right sides together again and sew the other long side of the strips together, leaving the beginning and the last 10 cm (= 4’’) without seam (see picture on the left side)


  1. Turn the tunnel inside out and iron it.
  2. Fold the tunnel lengthwise in half.
  3. The ends of fabric A are now together. (see picture above)
  4. Pin these ends together and start stitching from the free ends of fabric A.
  5. Continue to sew towards fabric B, so that the ring is closed..
  6. Iron the seams and fold the seams at the remaining opening to the inside. Close the opening.
  7. Before you pin the ring to the mattress, check again which fabric should be on the outside of the bed.

Stitch slowly with denim needles.

Roll down the bed sides.



Coffee with Edda

Today we went to one of our dearest quilters, Edda, to have a coffee (a tradition that never lacks here in Cotton&Color) and to talk about her passion for quilting and sewing!

What was your job before retirement? I worked in a pharmacy!

How did you discover quilting? At that time the shop “Cotton&Color” was located very close to my street! I always had a lot of fun choosing and visiting Astrid’s shop!


For how long have you been doing it? I discovered it 18 years ago. I’ve always been into handmade object and creative projects! In fact, my previous hobby was painting porcelain.

Quilting seemed  to be the “perfect” hobby, since I love sewing my dresses and display them in my studio!


Do you remember your first quilt? How was making it? My first quilt was a Kaffe Fassett inspired quilt, a Venetian quilt, I loved it!

My second quilt was exhibited by Astrid in a fair, I was so proud!


IMG_4513How about your family? I have a son that lives in Basel. My daughter lives in Zurich, she works with glass… she probably got my creativeness (at least I think so!)

Sadly, 6 years ago I lost my husband. It was a difficult period of time and fortunately I could rely on my friends I met through my quilting group organized by Astrid.

What is the name of your quilting group?
 We call ourselves “Regio Quilters”: we all live near the border to Germany, so some of us are German.

What do you do together? Other than quilting we organize dinners all together and have a lot of fun! This year I went on vacation with two of them for two weeks in…the North Sea! What a beautiful holiday!

I also have another quilting group, that I meet during the weekends.


What are your plans for the future, regarding patchwork? Until now, I made many big quilts. Now, I would love to create little and funny patchworks, to give as gifts.
I’m actually thrilled: my grandchild will be born in September, and this gives me the occasion to go wild on new projects!



I’m also on Instagram and Facebook. I can share my creations and watch what all my friends are up to! So funny!



How does quilting help you during bad days? I learnt from my friend the “Stress quilting”. There’s no other better way to throw out all the bad thoughts than quilting!


And finally, can you show us your favorite quilt?



We hope you liked this first interview!

See you soon

Astrid & Edda!

Ep. 1 : Sabine & her Charm Packs

“What I make with my hands, I give of my heart!”

Who is this for?
One of my good friends has a daughter, who just had a baby. I thought a quilt was the best way I could welcome it!

The best part of making it?
I think I had a great time “playing” around with the different fabrics, especially in the middle section, figuring out what colors were best and how could I make it pretty and yet fun!

How long did it take?
It took me about 6 weeks to finish it.

What kind of fabrics did you use?
I bought the fabrics at “Cotton & Color“.
I used Mini Charms and Charm Packs for the middle part and owl fabrics from Riley Blake.

charm pack 1
Mini Charm
Owls fabric
charm pack2
Charm Pack
Charm Pack

If you liked Sabine’s quilt let her know by commenting and sharing this post!