Ep. 10: Hilde’s ‘Shattered’ Quilt

Who did you make this quilt for?
One for me and one for my friends.

When did you start and how long did it take for you to finish it?
It took me about a year, because I found various imperfections which I had to correct.

What do you like best about this quilt?
the colors

Which fabrics did you use?
various batik fabrics

Since when are you into Patchwork and Quilting and what got you into it?
I am passionate about patchwork since about 5 years. The beautiful fabrics and colorful combinations inspire me again and again.

Which experience during your time as a quilter moved you the most?
I had to discover my limits.

Any tips you want to give to beginners?
Precision and undo, undo, undo, when you’re not 100% satisfied.

Make your own shattered quilt!
Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.46.43.png
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Ep. 9: Christa’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Did you make this quilt for somebody?
This quilt I made for myself. I really want to keep this quilt, it is special to me.

How long did you work on it?
It developed from the Cotton & Color ‘Block of the Month 2015′. During that year, I made all the blocks. It took me about 4 more months to finish.

What part did you like most about this quilt?
Every block was a new surprise – new techniques every month. I was always very curious to see, what the next block looked like!

What was difficult?
A real challenge was sewing the blocks together with curved seams. It seemed almost impossible, but at the end it turned out soooo nice!

to the Double Wedding Ring Tutorials on Youtube
Kits for this beautiful quilt


Template set for Double Wedding Ring Quilt
Add-on template for rings

Coffee with ‘Atelier de Patchwork’ in Ferrette, France


Bonjour! Come inside, please! This is the studio of our group. I am Agnès, and this is Michèle. Here in this room we are working together!


Good evening! What a nice group! We started this group exactly 20 years ago. Today, we are a group of about 60 to 65 women. We do every stitch by hand. This gives us the opportunity to talk and laugh a lot. Many problems have been solved here too…

Are that many women gathering at the same time? You know, Ferrette is a small town of about 800 inhabitants. Half of the women are staying at home and the other half is working outside the house. We had to divide the group into 4 smaller groups to give all of them the opportunity to find the right time. There are beginners and experts working at the same table.

We share these rooms with other groups. Some days per week, children from fugitives are learning the French language in the same rooms. Their names are displayed on one wall.

We have to clean up and make space for them after our sewing time, but we don’t mind. We welcome fugitives in our community and we are proud, that we are doing so well in Ferrette.


I see, that many of you are emboidering and doing appliqué.
We love to embroider and appliqué! It gives patchwork the additional touch. When the hand quilting is added, the look is wonderful:


Will you tell us, when and where the show will be? Please be patient, we will tell you in a few days the exact times and dates!

I heard, the patchwork expositions in Ferrette are one of the nicest shows in Europe!
Our team is looking forward to visit your exposition!


Ep 8: Adriana’s Christmas Quilt

Why did you make this quilt?
I wanted a Christmas quilt that was not in the typical green and red colors. So I chose the Frivol Box from Moda, because I like this collection and the pattern. I fell in love with the tin box too!

How long did it take to finish the quilt?
It took me about two and a half months to finish.

What did you like best about making this quilt?
I love piecing, but I really struggle with the quilting. My machine is tiny and makes it difficult to handle large quilts.
I made no big mistakes while I assembled the pieces, but the disaster started, when I was quilting: I basted the quilt with safety pins. First I quilted without marking. It was soo bad, that I had to undo it. I decided to mark with the safety pins on the quilt. A difficult task! At the end the quilt turned out not perfectly square.
The nice part: I learned a lot & you can hardly see the mistakes!

Have you got a blog?
Yes, I regularly keep my readers up to date on my patchwork-blog: La Tassa Torta

What fabrics did you use?
I chose fabrics from Sweetwater ‘The cookie exchange’. It has a modern look and is not too ‘christmassy’ in a classical way.

Sweetwater Fabric Bundles
Sweetwater Fabrics

Ep. 7: Heinz’s 3D-Quilts

Where did you get your inspiration?
I bought the book ‘One Block Wonders’ and decided that I want to make a quilt like that for my daughter.

This quilt looks very difficult to make. How long did it take from start to finish?
One quilt takes about 4 months. I made them in 2014.

What do you personally like best?
I like the bright colors!

Since when are you sewing?
I am sewing since more than 30 years already!

What do you like best about quilting?
I love to play with colors. Quilting is such a relaxing hobby.

What is your advice for beginners?
You need patience and persistence. Stay open for new techniques!

Clearview Triangle
The beautiful blue version