Coffee with ‘Atelier de Patchwork’ in Ferrette, France


Bonjour! Come inside, please! This is the studio of our group. I am Agnès, and this is Michèle. Here in this room we are working together!


Good evening! What a nice group! We started this group exactly 20 years ago. Today, we are a group of about 60 to 65 women. We do every stitch by hand. This gives us the opportunity to talk and laugh a lot. Many problems have been solved here too…

Are that many women gathering at the same time? You know, Ferrette is a small town of about 800 inhabitants. Half of the women are staying at home and the other half is working outside the house. We had to divide the group into 4 smaller groups to give all of them the opportunity to find the right time. There are beginners and experts working at the same table.

We share these rooms with other groups. Some days per week, children from fugitives are learning the French language in the same rooms. Their names are displayed on one wall.

We have to clean up and make space for them after our sewing time, but we don’t mind. We welcome fugitives in our community and we are proud, that we are doing so well in Ferrette.


I see, that many of you are emboidering and doing appliqué.
We love to embroider and appliqué! It gives patchwork the additional touch. When the hand quilting is added, the look is wonderful:


Will you tell us, when and where the show will be? Please be patient, we will tell you in a few days the exact times and dates!

I heard, the patchwork expositions in Ferrette are one of the nicest shows in Europe!
Our team is looking forward to visit your exposition!


Coffee with Vreni

“What a nice surprise! Come inside!”

Vreni welcomes us today in her studio. She is here almost every day working on her projects.


Vreni, when did you start quilting?
About 25 to 30 years ago, I passed by a shop in Basel. As soon as I stepped in, I had the feeling, that this was the perfect hobby for me.
I attended a class with Karin and made my first quilt.

How did it turn out?
My first quilt was green, pink and brown for our bedroom. I never liked it too much. That is why, some years later, I tore it apart and made a small quilt for my cat. And – what a surprise! – my cat was really happy with it!

How did you discover Cotton & Color?
I was on my way back home by tram, when I saw, that there was a sign on a garden fence for this shop. I immediately told my husband, that I needed to go there! I still remember your daughter Ida, she was 3 years old then. I liked the shop, because it was small but cozy.

What are your favorite designers?
When I started, I just knew Amish, Debbie Mumm and Thimbleberries. Today, I really like the Country style like Lynette Anderson and Nordic colors from Tilda. I really really don’t care for modern patchwork.


I heard, that you have a particular tradition when making quilts!
When I finish a quilt, I always use the scraps to create a matching bag. So it has its own “home” (and it’s also better to store them). It is also nice to use them as pillow cases.
IMG_4665Everybody asks me: ‘What are you doing with all these large quilts?’ I have to confess, that I don’t like to make tiny handmade objects! They make me nervous!

What is your favorite sewing technique?
I mainly sew by machine, but I always try to add a personal touch by sewing by hand.


Could you tell about your other hobbies?
I enjoy embroidery from time to time. I also have this habit of decorating: four times a year, I “dress” my home according to the season! When you will come back in December, you will find my home full of Christmas quilts, candles and nits (small dwarfs from Denmark). Sometimes, I do an Open House and everybody is welcome to take a look!

And how about your husband, does he help you with the decorations?
Actually, he really enjoys it! I always make sure, that he has got his little space to escape… I already occupy 90 percent of our space. 🙂

Does creativity and patchwork run in the family?
My brother is a painter. My twin sister Denise loves to quilt. Her daughter Pia, who now lives in Salt Lake City, works as an interior designer and is very gifted! Pia took an old Swiss sewing machine with her.

What patchwork projects are you planning, right now?
Look at this book! I want to make this little doll! When I will go to our cottage in Denmark, I will bring with me this quilt top to finish while I am there.

We cannot wait to see the Christmas decoration!


Coffee with Edda

Today we went to one of our dearest quilters, Edda, to have a coffee (a tradition that never lacks here in Cotton&Color) and to talk about her passion for quilting and sewing!

What was your job before retirement? I worked in a pharmacy!

How did you discover quilting? At that time the shop “Cotton&Color” was located very close to my street! I always had a lot of fun choosing and visiting Astrid’s shop!


For how long have you been doing it? I discovered it 18 years ago. I’ve always been into handmade object and creative projects! In fact, my previous hobby was painting porcelain.

Quilting seemed  to be the “perfect” hobby, since I love sewing my dresses and display them in my studio!


Do you remember your first quilt? How was making it? My first quilt was a Kaffe Fassett inspired quilt, a Venetian quilt, I loved it!

My second quilt was exhibited by Astrid in a fair, I was so proud!


IMG_4513How about your family? I have a son that lives in Basel. My daughter lives in Zurich, she works with glass… she probably got my creativeness (at least I think so!)

Sadly, 6 years ago I lost my husband. It was a difficult period of time and fortunately I could rely on my friends I met through my quilting group organized by Astrid.

What is the name of your quilting group?
 We call ourselves “Regio Quilters”: we all live near the border to Germany, so some of us are German.

What do you do together? Other than quilting we organize dinners all together and have a lot of fun! This year I went on vacation with two of them for two weeks in…the North Sea! What a beautiful holiday!

I also have another quilting group, that I meet during the weekends.


What are your plans for the future, regarding patchwork? Until now, I made many big quilts. Now, I would love to create little and funny patchworks, to give as gifts.
I’m actually thrilled: my grandchild will be born in September, and this gives me the occasion to go wild on new projects!



I’m also on Instagram and Facebook. I can share my creations and watch what all my friends are up to! So funny!



How does quilting help you during bad days? I learnt from my friend the “Stress quilting”. There’s no other better way to throw out all the bad thoughts than quilting!


And finally, can you show us your favorite quilt?



We hope you liked this first interview!

See you soon

Astrid & Edda!