Ep. 21: Martina’s House Patchwork

What kind of quilt would you like to share with us?
A wall hanging. I did it for my family and myself. I was inspired by the book “Häuser-Patchwork” by Bernadette Mayr.

When did you start and how long did it take to complete?
I started in February 2015 and finished quilting (by hand) in the end of December 2016. I started with all the windows and continued with the red of the houses. Then there was a long pause, because I was not sure how to do the blue background should look and whether I should still make a green lawn in front of the houses.

What do you like most about this quilt?
Everything! The houses, the pines, the color of the sky. I would’t change anything about it.

What kind of materials did you use?
Blue, red and green fabrics, slightly patterned. Black and white uni fabrics. Some rests from other projects, as well as new ones from Cotton & Color.

How long have you been patchwork and who or what moved you to start?
Since 2003. As a child and adolescent I always did a lot of sewing, knitting and crochet. With the sewing of quilts, I can be very creatively and play with the colors, there are so many beautiful fabrics. I have more and more ideas than time to implement them!

What experience in your time as a quilter has touched you the most?
I have the best ideas when I’m on the road and see something, usually some color combination. That is why a little notebook is my constant companion.

Do you have a good advice for beginners?
If you are not 100% convinced by an idea, it is worth taking a break, even if it takes several weeks or months.

Do you have a blog, a website, Instagram or Pinterest about patchwork / quilting?

Books by Bernadette Mayr on the Cotton & Color webshop

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