Ep. 6: Ursula’s Flower Quilt

Why did you make this quilt?
I attended a class with Barb & Mary from Me & My Sister Designs. These two women are really  entertaining! I had such nice days in class! The pattern is called Slice of Cake.

How long did it take to finish the quilt?
It took me about 4 months to finish it.

What did you like best when making this quilt?
I tried a new quilting method. To create a quilting stencil, simply sew your quilting design with the sewing machine without thread into parchment paper. Place the paper on your quilt top. With the Quilt Pounce Pad you can stamp white powder through the small perforations onto your quilt.

What fabrics did you use?
I like the fabrics from Me & My Sister designs very much, but they did not match the colors in my room. I used other 10” squares (25 cm fabric squares). You have got to try this pattern, it is so easy!

Slice of Cake 1&2
Fabric from Barb & Mary (Me & My Sister Designs)
10” Fabric Squares ‘Origami’


Ep. 5: Jeanine’s Name Quilt

What kind of quilt would you like to share with us?
This is a quilt for my son and his girlfriend.

What do you like most about this quilt?
That I could incorporate our first names in the creation.

What kind of materials did you use?
Red and black patchwork fabrics from various sources

How long have you been quilting?
for twenty years

What experience in your time as a quilter has touched you the most?
The discovery of the blogosphere!

Do you have a good advice for beginners?
Do not be scared!

Where can you find your latest creations on the Internet?
On my blog Boites et Bobines

Coffee with Vreni

“What a nice surprise! Come inside!”

Vreni welcomes us today in her studio. She is here almost every day working on her projects.


Vreni, when did you start quilting?
About 25 to 30 years ago, I passed by a shop in Basel. As soon as I stepped in, I had the feeling, that this was the perfect hobby for me.
I attended a class with Karin and made my first quilt.

How did it turn out?
My first quilt was green, pink and brown for our bedroom. I never liked it too much. That is why, some years later, I tore it apart and made a small quilt for my cat. And – what a surprise! – my cat was really happy with it!

How did you discover Cotton & Color?
I was on my way back home by tram, when I saw, that there was a sign on a garden fence for this shop. I immediately told my husband, that I needed to go there! I still remember your daughter Ida, she was 3 years old then. I liked the shop, because it was small but cozy.

What are your favorite designers?
When I started, I just knew Amish, Debbie Mumm and Thimbleberries. Today, I really like the Country style like Lynette Anderson and Nordic colors from Tilda. I really really don’t care for modern patchwork.


I heard, that you have a particular tradition when making quilts!
When I finish a quilt, I always use the scraps to create a matching bag. So it has its own “home” (and it’s also better to store them). It is also nice to use them as pillow cases.
IMG_4665Everybody asks me: ‘What are you doing with all these large quilts?’ I have to confess, that I don’t like to make tiny handmade objects! They make me nervous!

What is your favorite sewing technique?
I mainly sew by machine, but I always try to add a personal touch by sewing by hand.


Could you tell about your other hobbies?
I enjoy embroidery from time to time. I also have this habit of decorating: four times a year, I “dress” my home according to the season! When you will come back in December, you will find my home full of Christmas quilts, candles and nits (small dwarfs from Denmark). Sometimes, I do an Open House and everybody is welcome to take a look!

And how about your husband, does he help you with the decorations?
Actually, he really enjoys it! I always make sure, that he has got his little space to escape… I already occupy 90 percent of our space. 🙂

Does creativity and patchwork run in the family?
My brother is a painter. My twin sister Denise loves to quilt. Her daughter Pia, who now lives in Salt Lake City, works as an interior designer and is very gifted! Pia took an old Swiss sewing machine with her.

What patchwork projects are you planning, right now?
Look at this book! I want to make this little doll! When I will go to our cottage in Denmark, I will bring with me this quilt top to finish while I am there.

We cannot wait to see the Christmas decoration!


Ep. 4: Irene’s Panel Baby Quilt

For whom did you make this quilt?
For my grandson

What kind of materials did you use?
I chose a panel for which I had the right edge materials

When did you start and how long did it take to complete?
I started in May 2016. All in all I needed about 5 weeks to finish it.

What do you like most about this quilt?
The panel and my handy quilting around the contours of the animals and on the edge I find particularly well done.

How long have you been quilting and what has inspired you to start?
One and a half years ago, a quilt exhibition inspired me to start this as a hobby.

What do you like most about this hobby?
I like the community. Now and then I’m also a bit proud of my creations and ideas.

Do you have good advice for beginners?
Stay tuned, even if everything doesn’t work out right away; one passes through different phases. In an ’emergency’ you can always get help from other patchworkers!

Panels at Cotton & Color

Ep. 3 : ‘Construction’ by Séverine R.

What kind of quilt would you like to share with us?

My first large blanket, made with a panel.

For whom and why did you make this quilt?
I love the online shop, where I like to stroll around and get inspired. One day my son got up extra early to look at the fabrics with me in my office. It was not long before he discovered the fabric with construction site motif! I was pregnant at the time, and immediately began quilting a new blanket, which I gave to my son for his third birthday.

When did you start and how long did it take to complete?
I finished the quilt just in time for his birthday! I did the cover by hand in just three evenings watching TV. The quilting on my old sewing machine was exhausting!

What do you like most about this quilt?
On the panel i highlighted only the most important details, so they feel good. I also like the appliqués particularly well.

What kind of materials did you use?
The panel ‘Under Construction’, the black fabric ‘On the Road Again’ (tire tracks) and 2 Unis – one in black and one in cheddar.

How can we find you on social media?
On Instagram – Feerin’ handmade.

How long have you been quivering and who or what has caused you to start?
I started 4 years ago, but made a longer break during the first 2 years after the birth of my son.

What experience in your time as a quilter has touched you the most?
I think the world of patchwork is very open, regardless of the style.

Do you have any good advice for beginners?
At an exhibition I was once so impressed by the quilts of a lady that I had to tell her that my creations look pale beside hers. Then she replied that she’s just a couple of miles of thread ahead of me. I think of this sentence every time I finish a reel ?



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