Row by Row Experience 2017

We are proud to participate in the #rowbyrowexperience . Collect our unique Basel, Switzerland pattern at our shop for free if you participate in the challenge!

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Welcome to Basel Switzerland! Basel lies in the heart of Europe, on both banks of the Rhine. The city is the center of the idyllic border triangle of France, Germany and Switzerland.

Customers come to our shop from all over the world. We are well known for our nice selection of beautiful fabrics, lots of notions and of course our friendly atmosphere.

Our Row by Row quilt block is part of the 2017 ‘On the Go’ theme. It reflects the Rhein (Rhine) river with the ancient buildings at the river sides. In the background you can see the cathedral of Basel (known locally as the Münster).

The Bridge over the Rhine was for many centuries very important as the only permanent bridge over the river between Lake Constance and the sea.

Nowadays, large tour boats leave from Basel and show people the magnificent landscape and historic sites along the river up to the Netherlands.

We are looking forward to meet you and hear your stories, when you visit our shop 🙂


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