Ep. 13: Charlotte’s Christmas Quilt

For whom and why did you make it?
I made it for myself because it’s not a traditional Christmas motif.

When did you start and how long did it take for you to finish it?
I started the quilt in the end of April 2016 and I finished it in the end of June – 3 months in total.

What do you like best about this quilt?
the colours

Which fabrics did you use?
All fabrics are from Cotton & Color

Since when are you into Patchwork and Quilting and what got you into it?
I started with quilting 20 years ago, after taking part in a course.

Which experience as a quilter motivated you the most?
To work on one quilt over a long period of time while starting new projects on the side.

Any tips you want to give to beginners?
Good materials are a must. You invest a lot of time into a quilt, so also investing into quality always pays off!