Ep. 6: Ursula’s Flower Quilt

Why did you make this quilt?
I attended a class with Barb & Mary from Me & My Sister Designs. These two women are really  entertaining! I had such nice days in class! The pattern is called Slice of Cake.

How long did it take to finish the quilt?
It took me about 4 months to finish it.

What did you like best when making this quilt?
I tried a new quilting method. To create a quilting stencil, simply sew your quilting design with the sewing machine without thread into parchment paper. Place the paper on your quilt top. With the Quilt Pounce Pad you can stamp white powder through the small perforations onto your quilt.

What fabrics did you use?
I like the fabrics from Me & My Sister designs very much, but they did not match the colors in my room. I used other 10” squares (25 cm fabric squares). You have got to try this pattern, it is so easy!

Slice of Cake 1&2
Fabric from Barb & Mary (Me & My Sister Designs)
10” Fabric Squares ‘Origami’


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