Ep. 14: Karin’s Mystery Quilt

Shortly before the new year, Karin came by our store to show us her blue version of the Mystery Quilt, which she made from our ‘Block of the Month 2015’ and the Double Wedding Ring Technique. This quilt turned out so beautiful that we didn’t want to let her leave the store with it!


What do you love to do most at the moment?
Pretty much everything! Above all the appliqué, which was still quite new to me.

And otherwise?
I really love to visit patchwork shops, especially Cotton & Color!
(Note: this was just before our remodeling)

What do you not like to do at all?
Cleaning ?

What are you working?
I am the grandmother of two wondrous grandchildren, and that with body and soul.

Do you have a funny story for us?
Haha, when I was working on the laundry room block in 2016, one of my grandchildren came to me and said, “Oh, these are Papa’s stinking socks!”

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