Ep 8: Adriana’s Christmas Quilt

Why did you make this quilt?
I wanted a Christmas quilt that was not in the typical green and red colors. So I chose the Frivol Box from Moda, because I like this collection and the pattern. I fell in love with the tin box too!

How long did it take to finish the quilt?
It took me about two and a half months to finish.

What did you like best about making this quilt?
I love piecing, but I really struggle with the quilting. My machine is tiny and makes it difficult to handle large quilts.
I made no big mistakes while I assembled the pieces, but the disaster started, when I was quilting: I basted the quilt with safety pins. First I quilted without marking. It was soo bad, that I had to undo it. I decided to mark with the safety pins on the quilt. A difficult task! At the end the quilt turned out not perfectly square.
The nice part: I learned a lot & you can hardly see the mistakes!

Have you got a blog?
Yes, I regularly keep my readers up to date on my patchwork-blog: La Tassa Torta

What fabrics did you use?
I chose fabrics from Sweetwater ‘The cookie exchange’. It has a modern look and is not too ‘christmassy’ in a classical way.

Sweetwater Fabric Bundles
Sweetwater Fabrics

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