Ep. 9: Christa’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Did you make this quilt for somebody?
This quilt I made for myself. I really want to keep this quilt, it is special to me.

How long did you work on it?
It developed from the Cotton & Color ‘Block of the Month 2015′. During that year, I made all the blocks. It took me about 4 more months to finish.

What part did you like most about this quilt?
Every block was a new surprise – new techniques every month. I was always very curious to see, what the next block looked like!

What was difficult?
A real challenge was sewing the blocks together with curved seams. It seemed almost impossible, but at the end it turned out soooo nice!

to the Double Wedding Ring Tutorials on Youtube
Kits for this beautiful quilt


Template set for Double Wedding Ring Quilt
Add-on template for rings

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