Ep. 16: ‘The 9 Cats’ by Nadine

What kind of quilt would you like to share with us?
The appliqué  ‘The 9 Cats’ (Les 9 Minouchats)

Why and for whom did you make it?
I made it for myself, because I adore cats and find their small faces very cute.

When did you start working on it and how long did it take to finish?
I started 2015 and it took me about 2-3 moths to finish.

Which detail do you like most about it?
All the different expressions in the faces of the cats (smiling, pouting…)

Which fabrics did you use for it?
Many different ones. I always tried to get the tone of the furs right.

How long have you been making patchwork?
about 7 years

Which experience during that time moved you the most?
My participation in “Vancouver Celebrates Pi Day 2015”

Any advice for beginners?
Do not hesitate to join a patchwork club. Patchwork veterans are ready to share their knowledge and experience.

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