Ep. 17: Susanne’s Four Elements

What kind of quilt would you like to share with us?
Four Elements Quilt – la passacaglia – English paper piecing

For whom and why did you make this quilt?
For me, because to give away such a quilt, after all that hand work, is still very difficult for me at the moment. It is ALL sewn by hand and also quilted by hand. Why, yes, my family members also ask themselves. How can one be spending HOURS at sewing?
But I find it almost meditative. But the most wonderful thing about making this quilt, was the choice of colors for the respective rosettes. A challenge was to make the color transitions as harmonious as possible.

When did you start and how long did it take to complete?
November 2014 – March 2016

What do you like most about this quilt?
The colors !!!

What kind of materials did you use?
Many batik materials and a lot of residual patchwork materials

How long have you been quilting and what got you into it?
I spontaneously joined a sewing group in 2011 and learned out of curiosity how to make patchwork. To learn new techniques on an afternoon every 2 weeks was my goal. I didn’t just sew a few practice pads, but I decided to sew a whole blanket. I was so preoccupied that I had finished my first blanket with various techniques quickly. Afterwards, I learned something new, just clicked on the Internet and tried it out. I gave away a lot in form of gifts … pillows, aprons and much more. Until I had no more ideas of what to sew next for whom.
Now I sell my creations via my homepage: www.quiltbox.ch.


What experience in your time as a quilter has touched you the most?
Only if you work accurately and precisely, you get a piece that gives you joy.

Do you have a good advice for beginners?
Patience, perseverance and PRECISION.

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